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Our interactive group program

Facilitates vital bonding experiences for elders in assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing facilities.

Comments from elderly participants to the group facilitaor:

"Our bodies don’t lie. I didn’t know what to do with my feelings. When I did something, I came alive!” Aegis of San Rafael

"For the first time I followed the rhythms wherever they wanted to go. I never tried that before." The Redwoods

"Just be here so we can get to be here.” Windchime of Marin

Professional training and consulting services

Introduce a new culture and language in memory care by: engaging through sensory experience; maintaining comfort
and synergy in interactions; and encouraging spontaneous adaptation to change.

"I think what you are doing for this population is unsurpassed." Jim Johnson, Executive Director, Age Song at Laguna Grove,
Age Song at Hayes Valley

"Moving Into the Circle is a safe, joyful approach for interacting with individuals and groups that creates a sense of community
and heart felt exchange. The program is helping to change the way we view dementia care.”
Laurel Etheridge, Geriatric care manager, Alzheimer’s Foundation dementia care specialist

"Play is as vital as food and water. You are encouraging this important part of human experience and providing an environment for their experience." Pavlos Gavrielides, Intern, Age Song at Bayside Park

Family support services

Provide communication skills and strategic support for interacting with a loved one.

"She let you take her hand and slowly massage it. She doesn't usually want people touching her... The quality of your touch is very gentle." Vicky Brady, daughter of memory care resident, Age Song at Laguna Grove

" A lot of people I've seen who have dementia and can't really communicate, can respond to what is basically a dialogue through
song, rhythm and dance. Everyone's dialogue matters."
Janice Mettler, whose parents resided at Life’s Neighborhood, Aegis of San Rafael

Our intergenerational program:

Trains youth to interact through touch and movement with elders who are limited in their capacity to initiate movement
for themselves.

"I’m not around people that age very often and it’s humbling to see people who truly live in the moment.”
Courtney Cooper, Marin Ballet student

Community Partnering:

2012 Program delivery to The Redwoods, Age Song at Bay Side Park, Age Song at Laguna Grove / Hayes Valley

2011 Educational outreach to elder care communities, professionals and families

2010 Professional staff and caregiver training: Windchime of Marin

2010 Bridging Communities, an intergenerational pilot program: Marin Ballet, Windchime of Marin, The Redwoods, Villa Marin

2007 - 2009 Program Development: Aegis of San Rafael, Aegis of Corte Madera, Villa Capri, Aegis of Napa, Rafael Convalescent
Hospital, The Redwoods, Villa Marin

Hanna Takashige has a dance and performing arts background, and is a long time practitioner and educator in the field of somatic
touch and movement. As Well Spring Project Director, she has created interactive programs to help youth and elders learn about
and cope with loss, transition and change.

Innovative strategies for memory care are presented with the oversight, guidance and support of the educational non-profit organization, Center for Changing Systems. Lead by founder and Executive Director, Mary Harper, Ph.D., the Center teaches an
open system model for human communication and has nationally and internationally delivered programs in health, education, trauma recovery and community restoration. Center for Changing Systems adopted the Well Spring Project as a program in 2002.


Hanna Takashige
Creator, Moving Into the Circle™
Director, Well Spring Project

Contact us regarding interactive program presentations or for more information:

A program of the Center for Changing Systems
P.O. Box 1073 Larkspur CA 94977

Hanna Takashige

Moving Into the Circle™ is a catalyzing
form o
f touch and interaction created by somatic educator, Hanna Takashige, in response to a family member’s memory loss and social dislocation.

The program seeks to address the anxiety and isolation experienced by elders living with dementia - and other long term health conditions - by eliciting their joyful, spontaneous participation in a group of their peers. It combines a wide
range of sensory and interactive experiences, including touch, movement, sound, and storytelling, to help participants regain
a sense of self and community within a supportive environment.

Innovative Strategies for Memory Care