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Hanna Takashige, Program Director
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Warren Dale, Program Director

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Holomorphing Language

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The Center for Changing Systems
is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. The Center designs and implements programs internationally. The Center’s goal is to apply and teach a new open systems model for human communication, change and cooperation, codified by
Mary R. Harper, Ph.D.
Founder & Director.


Human beings formulate belief systems based on information, perception and viewpoints. The fabric of what we refer to as “personal and cultural experience” is woven through our interactions, thoughts and ideas, thereby shaping how we and society see and define ourselves and the world we create.

Today, in a world where boundaries, nations and the environment are rapidly changing, many of the beliefs we hold—both individually and collectively—are being challenged. Life is increasing in complexity due, in part, to the generation of volumes of new information and to more complex and accelerated means of disseminating it. Under these circumstances we seem to be struggling, with ever increasing effort, to manage our communications and understand each other.

This ongoing struggle has led to political, economic, social and environmental crises globally. One does not have to look far to see the manifestations of these: hunger, poverty, housing shortages, drug and alcohol addiction, crime, boundary disputes, war. There are widespread problems in our educational and health care systems. Our rain forests are nearly gone, our air and water are increasingly polluted—the list seems endless.

There are many organizations addressing these issues with varying degrees of success. Yet, for the most part, these problems are becoming more acute, more threatening and more out of control. Individuals, groups and governments are challenged more than ever to adapt, to adjust, to find new, creative solutions to problems that threaten the well-being of our species.

At the Center for Changing Systems we are deeply concerned about these issues and about the underlying structures that create them. We operate from the principle that all human beings, be they individuals or groups of any size, are open living systems that are not limited to the reductionistic, fragmented, closed systems view of the world which has guided our culture for millennia and greatly influences our present chaotic condition. We are, in fact, organisms that, when given accurate and sufficient information, have the capacity to make a quantum perceptual shift towards a more holographic understanding of the undivided wholeness of life, and through this understanding can choose self-correcting actions that yield non-degenerative, mutually satisfying results.

The Center for Changing Systems teaches an innovative model of communication that is congruent with an open systems perspective. The model provides a new set of self-organizing principles that enables us to identify when we are inappositely treating ourselves as closed systems, helps us restore and continually maintain our connection to ourselves and others, and encourages us to express and advocate our needs in ways that permit us to achieve more cooperative solutions. Through teaching this model we have discovered that the learner can unlock creative potentials that provide a completely new understanding of the dilemmas of our day, and new approaches to solving them, individually and collectively.